'She wants him to accept that he's the reason that a lot of this has happened to her,' Melissa explained later.

Teresa and her girls were seen driving to the prison, with the road trip bringing back painful memories for her.

'The last time I was going to see Joe I had to turn around because my mom went to the hospital,' she recalled, with her mother Antonia dying soon after. 'I did lose time with her and I feel that it's his fault.'

With tears down her face in a confessional she added: 'Sucks. Life sucks.

'Talking to Joe is not gonna be easy,' she admitted. 'I never wanna bring up serious stuff with the girls because I know the girls love spending every minute with him.

'I just want our daughters to know that he's really sorry about letting them down. Because that's what he did - he let us down.'

At first, Teresa insisted: 'The moment I saw Joe I got really choked up and all that courage I'd built up to ask him for an apology just went away.'

But when Joe and Melissa asked her about the trip, she told a wildly different story.

Admitting she was 'nervous' and 'emotional' she told them: 'I said, ''I lost 11-and-a-month with my mom,'' and I said 'You not only did it to me you did it to our daughters. Why weren't you on top of everything? I didn't sign up for this''.' Then, 'I wanna hear, I'm sorry.'

'And he said, ''Teresa, do you read my letters and my emails? I've said that to you so many times.''

'I said, ''I wanna hear it from your mouth, it means more.'' And he said, ''Yeah I'm sorry.''

As they looked surprised, she insisted: 'Yeah he did, he said, ''I'm so sorry, I'll never let anything like this happen ever again.'' And then I started crying and he started crying and he hugged me and the girls were crying.'

'He seemed sincere... it sucks,' she told her brother and sister-in-law.

Crying as she thought about her mom not being there when Joe comes home, she defended him by insisting: 'Listen, no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes.'

'This was a big one,' Melissa replied, leaving Teresa chuckling as she added: 'I said, ''You better make it up to me when you get home!'''

'I'm amazed,' Joe Gorga said later of the apology from his brother-in-law. 'He's not the type to apologize. He's the hardcore old-school Italian, but he finally said to his wife, ''I'm sorry''.'

The show ended with a note that 'Teresa's loving Joe's new hot bod' after he reportedly lost massive amounts of weight - and that she 'can't wait to see him' again in the new prison he has been transferred to, adding: 'Once she's approved for visitation.'

The season finale also saw Margaret Josephs throwing an elaborate 50th birthday party for herself, decking out her house and garden to look like famed Manhattan club Studio 54 for her 'Studio 50' party with 1970s disco theme.

She even 'rode' a horse to the front of the party to make her toast, tearing up as she said: 'I have lived a very, very blessed life.'

But there was drama when Siggy Flicker, who many were amazed even got invited, failed to show - then texted saying she was in hospital after falling down the stairs.

Danielle Staub immediately called it a 'deflection' and an 'attention' grab, with Dolores Catania telling her: 'You're such a slob!'

Siggy was then shown going straight from the hospital to the party, arriving with a sling on her arm and a medical boot on her foot, saying she sprained an ankle.

Melissa happily admitted she doubted her, saying: 'This is what I thought - b**** threw herself down the f***ing stairs before she'd wanna go to Margaret's party! I'm sorry, that's what I thought.'

'You know how much I love myself - I wouldn't throw myself down the steps,' Siggy replied.

But she bizarrely then told Margaret to her face that she was only there for the other women, telling her: 'I don't wanna be friends.'

'I'm sorry - who comes to someone's party and says that s***?' Margaret asked, while Melissa admitted: 'Siggy's acting like a mega-bitch right now.'

Melissa was then stunned when sister-in-law Teresa left with Siggy, along with Dolores Catana, as a mark of their loyalty to her over Margaret, who said: 'I'm disappointed in Teresa, but I hope she has a good f***ing excuse, that's all I'm gonna say.'

Dolores, meanwhile, had taken ex-husband Frank Catania - who was back living with her platonically - to the party, having also admitted he 'fills in the void' because boyfriend David is too busy working to see her.

'I don't know what the future holds for me and David,' Dolores admitted.

Siggy was also emotional at son Joshua getting ready to leave for college, and was seen helping him get a suit for his high school prom.

She already embarrassed him by saying she wanted to be his prom date - then added to it when girlfriend Demi came in a stunning white dress, telling them: 'You guys really look like you're getting married!'

An update at the end of the show said that Siggy was cutting back on work to spend more time with her husband Michael.

It was recently announced that Siggy had decided to leave reality show.

The first of the two-part RHONJ Reunion will air next week on Bravo.