Teresa Giudice while furious at husband Joe went eight months without visiting him in prison and left her loved ones convinced she could 'walk' from their marriage.

The season finale of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey on Wednesday saw Teresa, 45, taking two of their four daughters to visit her husband and finally demand a strong apology from him.

Teresa made no secret of how she blamed Joe, 45, for all their tax fraud problems that also saw her spend just shy of a year in jail herself and losing out on time with her late mother Antonia Gorga.

She still stunned her family when she admitted just how long she had gone without so much as visiting.

'You're talking seven-and-a-half to eight months,' her brother Joe Gorga said in obvious shock when Teresa confessed to her last visit. 'That's a long time not to see your husband.'

'I mean ... it's been busy,' Teresa replied, admitting: 'Yeah, it's been a long time.'

'Teresa may say it's because she's been so busy - but she's angry,' Joe's wife Melissa Gorga insisted later.

Teresa admitted: 'I'm nervous to see Joe after all this time, and I want to hear him say he's sorry - and really mean it. Because it's festering my brain and it's something I can't stop.'

Teresa's family let on to just how serious they feared it could prove.

'The way I've heard my sister talking, if he doesn't apologize, I don't know - she might walk,' Joe told his wife, who agreed saying: 'She sounds like she's gonna walk.'